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Robert Moore

Updated: Feb 25, 2023

Robert Moore, a member and past President of Walton Rowing Club, died in early February. He was a good friend to a number of older Weybridge members. Although never seen in a racing boat, he was very much involved with rowing.

Closer to home, he organised a dependable timing team for the Start of the Weybridge Silver Sculls for many years. He was also did the timing for the Hyne Cup race. You have probably heard Robert’s voice providing the commentary at a number of regattas and head races, including Henley Women’s Regatta. If you ever raced at the National Championships, he very likely aligned your boat at the Start. He organised the Walton Small Boats Head for nearly twenty years. The list goes on.

Robert was one of those people who keep the sport going. He enjoyed being a part of it and his presence as well as everything he did, will be missed.

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