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Within a few weeks of joining new members should be assessed for their Certificate of Competency (CoC) to test their knowledge and practical application of rowing safety. This will ensure aspects of personal safety are addressed along with knowing how to use the club’s boats and blades and awareness of the Club’s navigation rules.


Competency is assessed for rowers and for coxes, including going through the capsize and recovery drill.


In normal conditions ('white' boards), Senior members who wish to boat unsupervised must have one member of the crew who has passed their Certificate of Watermanship, or CoW. Any Senior member who wishes to boat unsupervised in a single scull is allowed to do so only once they have been awarded a CoW in a single scull.


A CoW shows you have demonstrated the ability to conduct an appropriate risk assessment before boating as well as boat handling skills and navigational knowledge of our reach. Seniors who have not passed their CoW must either be in a boat with a member who has, be supervised by a member in an accompanying boat who has, or be supervised by a qualified Club Coach in the boat, on the bank or in a coaching launch. Coxes must obtain specific coxing competencies in order to boat without a coach alongside.


Also under normal conditions, an authorised Club Coach or Authorised Adult must accompany junior rowers and scullers (those under 18 years old) either in the boat, on the bank or in a coaching launch. Bank and launch-based supervisors must carry a throw line as part of a launch safety kit.


J16s - J18s can be awarded a CoW so they can boat in 'Red/Yellow' board conditions, but still must be supervised by an adult with a CoW, in the boat, alongside or in an accompanying boat/launch.


The Club Captain maintains and displays, in the Clubhouse also, a list of the following:

  • Members who hold a CoW and therefore authorised Risk Assessors (RA)

  • Club Coaches: authorised Risk Assessors; some will also be Authorised Adults

  • Authorised Adults: have a CoC (basic watermanship), further navigational knowledge, the ability to safely supervise juniors and DBS-cleared.