Our commitment to protecting your data encompasses the increasing presence many of us have online also. To this extent Weybridge Rowing Club have adopted the British Rowing's Safeguarding Handbook 4 - Safety in the digital world [PDF].


There are of course also things you can do to protect your data, so here is a 'Top 10' list of tips for staying safe online, no matter your age: 

  1. Create strong, unique passwords

  2. Keep your anti-virus and other software/apps updated

  3. Turn on two-factor authentication (2FA)

  4. Use a secure network connection

  5. Keep your privacy settings on

  6. Keep personal information personal - avoid over-sharing

  7. Make online purchases via secure sites

  8. Be careful who you meet online

  9. Click smart - avoid spam emails, "free" ads and other 'clickbait'

  10. Be careful what you download and be alert to the latest scams (get Which? Scam Alerts and try Citizens Advice online scam helper)


There's a time and a place - and there's a 

Social media is a great tool for sharing your news, views or photos with friends, family and others. However, it does not and should not replace real conversation, or interfere with your training. Therefore we ask that unless you are using your smartphone as a tool for water safety*  or as your 'stroke-coach' (rowing app) that you leave your phone locked away, please.


WEY look out for each other also in combatting cyber-bullying and other hidden effects of social media: 

*e.g. when out in a single on your own, or as a steer; remembering to use a waterproof case!

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