Saturday, 16 January 2021
Under British Rowing Rules of Racing​ and adhering to the RowSafe code

We will not be running the Weybridge Winter Head in Jan 2021

5 Jan 2021: Lockdown 3 is on us and there is no way, much as we would have loved to, to run any sort of event on Jan 16th.  We're as disappointed as anyone... we hope we will all be back racing before too long....

Course: River Thames, 3000 metres downstream from Elmbridge Canoe Club to Miskins Wharf, run over two divisions - 10:30 and 13:00:



Prizes are awarded for any event in which three or more boats enter and at least two compete.

A commemorative medal will be awarded to each competing member of winning crews, including coxes.

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Faster Masters Rowing is donating a 6-month training plan as a raffle prize.

When you enter a Masters event at the Weybridge Winter Head you are placed in a draw to win a 6-month subscription to the Faster Masters Rowing programme for your crew: one for Masters Men and one for Women's Masters. Each month includes a training plan, land training, technique advice, psychology tips and a rowing lifestyle article.

This prize will be drawn from all entrants to any Masters event category in the Weybridge Winter Head. So if you race more than once, you get an entry for each race you do - programme details at 

Find out more about Faster Masters Rowing and download the free ebook, the Ultimate Head Racing Guide for Masters.



Competitors are encouraged to race in more than one division. You are reminded that boats must display British Rowing standard identity codes and must be licensed for the Thames. 


In the event of oversubscription, priority will be given to eights/octos, fours and quads.

Events will be split into bands containing competitors of similar ranking. This will be clearly indicated on the start order. Senior events will be banded based on CRIMax.



You may are encouraged to race in both divisions. 


*Please note: 2x are only offered as a second event. Both members of the 2x crew must be racing in a different event (4 or 8) or the entry will be rejected. 

            MASTERS EVENTS


Masters events will run in age groups, but may be combined using the conventional handicap system, except Masters 'Novice' (Mas.Nov). We will run Mas.Nov events if there are sufficient crews with no more than 10 PRIMax in any seat (apart from the cox).

Masters crews may be moved to the appropriate Senior category in the event of insufficient entries. Please state on your entry if you do not want to race Senior.

†The Mixed Masters Novice event will be run as a single event across both divisions. No more than 10 PRIMax in any seat (apart from the cox).



£14 per competitor per event (coxes free) in advance; £16 if payment is received on the day.


Payment by bank transfer (see BROE2 for details) or by cheque made payable to 'Weybridge Rowing Club' please and sent to: Rachel Kornberg, 18 Woodland Grove, Weybridge, Surrey, KT13 9EQ.

Numbers will not be issued if any entry fees for the club are owing.



Must be made via
British Rowing Online Entry (BROE2)

We are limited to 100 in each division.


Entries open on Monday, 02-Dec-19 and close at 6pm on Thursday, 09-Jan-20 - or once at capacity, whichever happens first.


Enquiries only can be made on 07582 200851 or via email to: 
entries @