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Saturday, 27 January 2024

Under British Rowing Rules of Racing​ and adhering to the RowSafe code

Course: River Thames, 3000 metres downstream from Elmbridge Canoe Club to Miskins Wharf, run over two divisions – 10:30 and 13:00


With disappointment we have taken the decision to cancel our Weybridge Winter Head.


After discussions with the Environment Agency last week, we held out til we all knew how wet the forecast storms would actually be and agreed to meet again with them this morning. We had a go/no-go meeting this morning and they advised us to cancel as they do not believe we will be even on EA yellow boards by the weekend.  The freeze of the past fortnight after the floods has left frozen flooded puddles/lakes on surrounding land and these are now melting into the river.  The EA believes they could have kept the river on yellow for us if it were just the storms, or just the melt, but both has been too much.


We have kept our suppliers informed and some are being more generous than others in cancellation charges.  Refunds will be sorted as soon as we understand what costs we cannot recover.


We appreciate your support and that you were all willing us to run the event. 


If you paid by BACS, please send me your bank details.

UPDATE 18-JAN-24: We are going ahead with planning the event.  There will be another review on Wednesday morning Jan 24th with the Environment Agency to determine whether the event will be allowed to go ahead.

UPDATE 11-JAN-24: River conditions appear to be improving. We have decided on two potential decision points:

  • On Thu, 18-Jan-24: if there is no hope, we will inform all clubs and refund entries in full. If we decide to hold out, then entry fees must be paid, including waiting list entries. BROE is scheduled to close at midday. 

  • On or before Thu 25-Jan-24: final confirmation on whether or not the event can go ahead safely, potentially with a smaller entry if needed. If WWH goes ahead with a reduced line-up, any cancelled events will be fully refunded. If WWH is cancelled in its entirety, we will have to retain a small portion of the entry fees to cover our cancellation costs.  



Competitors are encouraged to race in more than one division, as offered above.


*2x are offered primarily to allow an option as a second event. 2x will be given priority where both members of the crew are racing also in a different event (4 or 8).

In the event of oversubscription, priority will be given to eights/octos, fours and quads.

Events may be split into bands containing competitors of similar ranking. This will be clearly indicated on the Start Order. Senior events will be banded based on CRIMax.

‡To accommodate the possibility of insufficient entries in either boat class, please state on your entry whether or not you are prepared to switch to coxless if entering coxed, or to switch to coxed if coxless – or if not, if you will race for 'Time Only'.

You are reminded that boats must display British Rowing standard identity codes and must be licensed for the Thames. 



Masters events will run in age groups, but may be combined using the conventional handicap system. Masters crews may be moved to the appropriate Senior category in the event of insufficient entries. Please state on your entry if you do not want to race Senior.

†The Mixed Masters Beginner event will be run as a single event across both divisions. Beginner Mixed 8s and Beginner Coxed Quads: No more than 10 PRIMax in any seat (apart from the cox).



Entries must be made via
British Rowing Online Entry (BROE2)

We are limited to 100 in each division.

Entries open on Monday, 11-Dec-2023 at 10:00 and close at midday on Thursday, 18-Jan-2024​ – or once at capacity, whichever happens first.


Enquiries only can be made on 07582 200851 or via email to



Prizes are awarded for any event in which three or more boats enter and at least two compete. For J14 events, as long as two crews compete, medals will be awarded

In events with 9 or more entered we will be award a 2nd place medal, and events with 17 or more entered will be offered a 3rd place medal.

A commemorative medal will be awarded to each competing member of winning crews, including coxes.

Please be sure to collect your prizes shortly after the division in which your event. 


£17 per competitor (coxes free) per event in advance.


Payment by bank transfer or BROE (see BROE2 for details) before 18-Jan-2024 – no cheques please.

Entries will not be accepted if entry fees are owing – this includes waiting list entries. 

In the event of cancellation we will return as much of the fees as we can but it is likely we will have to withhold a proportion. Unfortunately, few of our suppliers now provide penalty-free cancellations even as far as 21 days in advance.  

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