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The Committee is charged with reviewing and updating the Strategic Development Plan that guides the Club's longer term aims and development: 

  1. To be good at what we do as a rowing club in the performance and enjoyment of competitive rowing, achieved by:

    1. Attracting new and retain existing members through a tailored and tailorable programme of coaching from initial learning to performing at high levels, providing opportunities to all members from recreational to national events, and internationally, including GB Rowing Team (GBRT).

    2. Reviewing and refreshing fleet and equipment plans annually, ensuring we have safe and competitive boats.

    3. Further developing and maintaining a welcoming and inclusive culture in order to encourage support from members and families.

  2. To have a clear facility development plan in place by June 2023 with tangible milestones.

  3. To maximise income generation through the organisation of a diversity of rowing programmes, combined with raising the profile of the club through local fundraising and events, such as Weybridge Silver Sculls and our Winter Head.


Our clubhouse development plans align with our current 5-year Strategic Development Plan 2023-2028:

  • Determining beyond doubt during 2023 whether the club can relocate and allow the membership to vote on a proposal.

  • Developing and resourcing a plan to move by 2027/28, if supported by the membership, and then delivering the plan on time to a price we can afford.

    • Finance options with a costed plan by June 2023 and that can be put to the membership (EGM)

    • Planning permission

    • Loans, grants, rounds of consultation, promotion, fundraising 

  • Alternatively, if relocation is not feasible or accepted by the majority of the membership, then a plan to refurbish the existing clubhouse and facilities shall be drafted, agreed and executed.

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