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The '200' Club was founded in 1990 and is a well-established fundraising body. It is independent from the Rowing Club, but exists to help support the Club's fabric outside of its core activities. Funds are not used to acquire boats or blades. 


We are typically between 100 and 150 members.

            WHO CAN JOIN?

200 Club membership is open to all. Current members are:

  • active and retired oarsmen and women

  • friends and family of oarsmen and women

  • friends and supporters of the rowing club

            WHAT DO WE DO?

The 200 Club members are invited to quarterly draws. These are social gatherings held at the clubhouse. 


Draw dates for 2023 are:

  • Sunday 12th March (also 200 Club AGM)

  • Sunday 18th June

  • Sunday 24th September

  • Sunday 10th December


Gatherings start at 12 noon, with free finger buffet and wine offered.


Each quarter, there is a main £250 prize draw, plus 3 separate draws for £50 each, with odds of winning an appealing 1 in 2.5 members (based on the most recent 5-year period). Here is a list of recent winners.


There is also a draw open to those who are present for a (donated) bottle of Champagne.

Don't feel left out. Be part of it - join today.


Already a 200 Club member? You may wish also to stay up-to-date on Rowing Club news, called By The WEYsimply subscribe here

            HOW MUCH DOES IT COST?

Membership costs just £3 per month (or £36 a year), which is less than half-a-pint of beer a week. This is by monthly standing order (recommended) or annual cheque.



In recent years, the 200 Club has sponsored the purchase of:

  • central heating and women's showers

  • refitted kitchen

  • the black 'Cubie' raft

  • the display fridge behind the bar

  • the bar area decorating

  • the clubhouse TV and video recorder

  • decorating materials for the clubroom and kitchen

  • replacement windows for the clubroom

  • cooking range

  • kitchen floor

  • fire escape door

  • clubroom floor

  • bar tables

  • replacement back door for the clubhouse

  • under-counter fridge and freezer

  • kitchen crokery

  • photographs of GB representatives and Henley winners in the bar

  • stacking chairs for the bar area

  • refurbishment of men's changing room

            WHO'S IN CHARGE?


The current 200 Club honorary officers are:

            WHAT'S THE CATCH?

There isn't one - honest! As you can see, every rowing club member benefits from the work of the 200 Club. Indeed, many rowing club members are also 200 Club members. If you are not already a 200 Club member, you are strongly encouraged to join. Application forms are available in the clubhouse, or can be downloaded here.

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