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Our membership subscriptions represent very good value for money. Like any gym or club membership, the more you use the facilities the better value it is.


As a member you can train nearly every day, whether it be on the water, ergos, circuits, weights, as well as receive training plans, coaching, be organised into crews and able to race, have use of all the equipment, a clubhouse (and soon a much better one!) - and all for around £1 per day!

Information about boat racking is just below...

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  From 1st October 2020 to September 30th 2021

*By instalments
Monthly Direct Debit (DD) payments will be exactly 1/12th of the annual fee if payment is made via the 'GoCardless' system.

Members joining mid year pay a proportion of the annual subscription, pro-rata.  

Associate membership must be paid in full and is not reduced for part year membership.


Family discount

25% discount is offered on the above rates for second and every subsequent family member. The largest fee must be paid in full.


Community Amateur Sports Club (CASC) requirement

The Club wishes to ensure that fees are not a significant barrier to membership. If your total fees exceed £520 per year and this is a significant barrier, please apply to the Club Captain and demonstrate that the full cost of membership would not be affordable.


Payment methods

Bank Transfer or Direct Debit. Members not renewing their subscriptions by 31st October 2019 should consider their membership lapsed and shall be liable to pay the joining fee in addition to the full subscription fee.

            RACKING FEES

For sculling boats for the year:
Indoor rack: £195.00 incl. EA licence
Outdoor rack: £115.00 incl. EA licence

Boat storage: £90.00 no EA licence. Boat de-rigged.

Note: private boats are stored at the Club at the owner's risk. The EA licence runs from April 1st to March 31st each year. 


The Club and many members are insured with:

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