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No matter how careful we all are, sometimes accidents happen. Here's what you should do:

  • All accidents must be reported to someone in authority at the Club: our Water Safety Adviser, the Club Captain, one of the Vice Captains or a Committee member.


  • Incidents where equipment is damaged and/or someone is injured must be reported online to British Rowing (link above), giving full details of the incident: place, time, how it occurred, weather conditions, etc. with any supporting documentation as appropriate. Our Water Safety Adviser and Club Captain will receive a copy of this report.

  • Minor incidents such as 'near misses' and capsizes must be reported online, as above.

  • Any incident involving a motor vessel must be reported to the Environment Agency (EA) Incident Line 0800 807060. Make sure you note the name of the vessel and obtain witness statements if possible.

  • Any damage to a boat or blades should be logged using this form, correspondingly moving the 'boat card' on the boathouse whiteboard, 'tagging' with a red label (if necessary), then marking as 'ooa' (out-of-action) on the boat booking sheet - thank you.

  • Never put a damaged boat back on the rack as if nothing had happened - this is unacceptable. If the boat is damaged it needs to be fixed, not left for someone else to find and deal with. No-one's going to be angry about a genuine accident, but hiding it or not owning up is a more serious matter!

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