For Junior Learn To Row courses, please go here.


Our Learn To Row courses for adults (ages 17+) are run several times a year for new rowers interested in competitive rowing with Weybridge Rowing Club. Our full learn-to-row courses offer extensive, expert instruction from British Rowing qualified coaches and plenty of practice on the water.

            WHY ROW?

Rowing is a complete form of exercise. Rowing's combination of cardiovascular and strength conditioning make it a great addition to any fitness or training programme for people of all ages and with a wide range of fitness goals.


It offers:

  • Low-impact, low injury risk sport

  • A full-body workout - legs, core abdominal and back muscles, upper body strength, heart and lungs

  • A challenge for yourself!

  • Opportunities to meet people and be part of a team

  • The chance to compete, and win

  • Confidence-building - you don't need to be good at other sports...

  • ...but if you are, it's excellent cross-training for running, swimming, cycling, rugby, etc.

  • Being out on the water, which can be peaceful and therapeutic

  • Lifetime fitness, with some people rowing and competing into and beyond their 70s

  • Improved posture

  • Effective calorie-burn

  • Reduced stress and anxiety

Rowing is really quite unique in the 'high' it produces; so says this study.


It is not compulsory to continue rowing after the course, but if you choose to join then you are likely to join the Novice squad which trains at least one each weekend and once or twice during the week.


To progress to competition level, you need to be as fit as possible. Weybridge has a growing senior section of all ages who race regularly. Coached training sessions are available every week: during Autumn/Winter on Monday to Wednesday evenings, and over the Spring/Summer, Monday and Wednesday evenings, and weekend mornings throughout the year.


If you wish to row recreationally, or just occasionally, you can join our sister club Weyfarers and take part in their sessions where you will be able to improve your technique and fitness. These sessions are in wide stable boats and operate on a "turn up and row basis" with crews made up on the day.


We do not expect to run another Adult Learn To Row course until Spring/Summer 2020, when river conditions are more favourable for the beginner rower.

If you are interested in learning to row with us, please leave your details here for us to contact you. The full course cost is £180.

Course participants must be able to swim at least 50 metres in light clothing (rowing kit); tread water for at least two minutes and swim under water for at least 5 metres.

All sessions include a refreshment break. Please note: we cannot offer a nut-free environment.


  • Posture and technique on the rowing machine

  • Health & Safety in rowing

  • Carrying the boat

  • Getting in and out of the boat

  • Ergo challenges

  • Different types of oars, boats and rowing

  • On-water technique and practice - the majority of the course time

  • Capsize drill - normally in a swimming pool

  • Progressing to small boats

  • Stretching, core strength and land training for rowing

  • Fun regatta racing on the final day

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