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For our Junior Learn To Row course, please go here.


Our Learn To Row courses for adults (ages 17+) are run several times a year for those new to rowing and maybe interested in competitive rowing with Weybridge Rowing Club. Our full learn-to-row courses offer extensive, expert instruction from British Rowing qualified coaches and plenty of practise on the water.

            WHY ROW?

Rowing is steeped in history and as one of the oldest forms of transport turned sport, rowing offers even more than a full body workout. Rowing's combination of cardiovascular and strength conditioning make it a great addition to any fitness or training programme for people of all ages and with a wide range of fitness goals.

There's much that rowing and WEY have to offer...

Why Rowing - Why Weybridge Rowing.jpg

Typically, we offer courses to the beginner rower during the early spring, when river conditions are more favourable and the long summer months lay ahead for blissful practice on the water.


If you are interested in learning to row with us, please leave your details here for us to contact you. 


The full course cost is £180.

Course participants must be able to swim at least 50 metres in light clothing (rowing kit); tread water for at least two minutes and swim under water for at least 5 metres.

All sessions include a refreshment break. Please note: we cannot offer a nut-free environment.


  • Health & Safety in rowing

  • Posture and technique

  • Carrying the boat

  • Getting in and out of the boat

  • Different types of oars, boats and rowing

  • On-water technique and practice - the majority of the course!

  • Capsize and recovery drill

  • Progressing to fine boats  starting out in this SUPer fun and safe way (WEY are UK Oar Board Ambassador)

  • Core strength, stretching and land training for rowing

  • Fun regatta racing on the final day.


It is not compulsory to continue rowing after the course, but if you choose to join then you are likely to join our beginners' squad who train at least once each weekend and once or twice during the week.

To progress to competition level, you need to be as fit as possible. We have a growing Senior and Masters section of all ages who train and race regularly.


Coached sessions are available every week with training sessions offered both ad hoc and more regularly on Monday and Wednesday evenings and weekend mornings, throughout the year.

Even if competitive rowing does not appeal or time and other commitments do not permit, we can offer a safe and progressive environment for rowing recreationally, or just occasionally.

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