Indoor rowing is alive and well at Weybridge Rowing Club. It is a growing sport worldwide for adults and children as well as being a really good support for on-water work. There are both junior and adult indoor rowing championships run by British Rowing, virtually in international groups and locally for those who want to compete but cannot commit the time on the water.


We have 12 Concept2 ergos at our club.

Since 2015, we have fostered an indoor rowing club. The group meets on Mondays and Fridays at 8:30 in the morning, with each participant working against the clock while supporting each other. Three of the members have gone on to compete at the British Rowing Indoor Championships (BRIC); four are cancer survivors, and as a group, we raised almost £9000 in 2016 for Cancer Research UK in a sponsored marathon - read about The Great Row #PullTogether

Indoor rowing is a time-efficient way to row and a great foundation for those who are not sure they want to row on the water, yet or at all.  It is very popular with local mothers of young children who meet to train together after school drop-off. Many are happy just to work out with friends once or twice a week and love the feeling of fitness they have as a result. #YeahWeybridge #GoRowIndoor


Seven of the group have gone on to row on the water and progressed from beginner to winning medals at the British Rowing Masters Championships, or Masters Champs #BRMC18.

However you like, come and join us!

Along with 14 others, these ladies pulled

over 390 km in The Great Row 2016...

That's London to Amsterdam, and close to £9000 raised!