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Weybridge Rowing Club is a community rowing club which exists to promote the art and enjoyment of rowing. Through rowing we encourage people to strive to be the best they can be, promoting teamwork, physical fitness and discipline.


We provide programmes for juniors and adults new to the sport, and training for competitive rowers. We also offer school programmes for local schools and an annual community event for local businesses.

            SCHOOLS ROWING

Jubilee High

Since 2015 we have provided curriculum-time rowing opportunities for local schools who have previously not been able to offer rowing to their students. We offer a term-by-term, introductory non-competitive course, where rowers ages 12-18 have a chance to try the rowing in a fun and safe environment.


Participants learn rowing terminology, how to handle equipment, and develop a basic set of skills, indoor and outdoor, which further develop if students choose rowing for more than one school term.


Students have participated in the National Junior Indoor Championships and in friendly competition with local rowing schools. 


Schools working with us currently:


  • Summer taster day: Winston Churchill School, Woking



Our club plays an active part in the Weybridge Community. We support the annual Elmbridge Summer Festival, taking our ergos along for people to have a go. 


Every year since 2014, we have opened our doors to local businesses, running an increasingly popular Weybridge Community Regatta. We encourage entries of teams of four from those who have never rowed before as well as those who have rowed the past. 


This is a full day of fun, fabulous food, prizes designed especially for the regatta, and lots of opportunity for those who take part to network with other teams, our own rowing community of volunteers and our sponsors. 

"With very little rowing experience and even less confidence, I entered into the Community Regatta. We were all complete novices but quickly worked together to become a coxed four, in what I am reliably informed, is an unsinkable boat! In the weeks before the event we experienced some expert coaching: a brief introduction on an ergo and two water sessions, by which time we are classed as water-worthy and ready to compete." Les Tomlinson, St George's College Staff Team 2, CommReg17


The day itself was a really good setup with club members everywhere you turned. The marquee was the focal point of the day serving refreshments, housing an ergo challenge and a place to mingle with competitors from local businesses and schools. Our team was appointed a host from the club who ensured that our day ran smoothly and who kept us updated with competition information and general housekeeping rules. The benefits to this event are endless, but most importantly it introduced people to a sport that may have felt untouchable and puts WRC firmly on the map as a club that welcomes everyone from every age and ability."

For more information and to get involved as a team and/or sponsor, visit


Recognised as leaders in recreational and touring rowing, Weyfarers is the sister club to Weybridge Rowing Club, located on the same site. We are one of just a handful of recreational and touring rowing clubs in the UK, formed for and by people who think rowing should be fun!

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