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Saturday, 15 October 2022
Under British Rowing Rules of Racing​ and adhering to the RowSafe code

Hosted by Weybridge Rowing Club since 1956, the Weybridge Silver Sculls is the oldest sculling head on the non-tidal reaches of the Thames. Many famous scullers have won the trophy including Sir Steve Redgrave, Guy Pooley (four-times winner), Chris Baillieu, Dan Topolski and Tim Crooks. The event was expanded a few years ago to include double sculls and J14 coxed quads, boys and girls.

For many years the event was run more or less single-handedly by the late Derek Roy, but these days the work is shared amongst a committee who, together with some 50 umpires, marshals, time-keepers and other helpers, keep the event running smoothly.

UPDATE | 13-Oct-22, 15:15

A more mobile-friendly (and printable) version of the Start Order (with boating times) is available at

11-Oct-22, 05:50

The Start Order is published. BROE is open for substitutions and will remain open until 08:00 on Saturday, October 15th. Please make sure your crews are correctly entered before they race.



Medals to be awarded to the winners of each event provided that at least three crews enter and two compete. Second place medals will be awarded for events with more than 8 entries. In addition, there are four trophies, which the individual winners hold for a year:

  • The Weybridge Silver Sculls: awarded to the fastest single sculler in a senior or masters event in Division 4.

  • The Demerara Cup: awarded to the fastest single sculler in a junior event.

  • The Houghton Cup: awarded to the fastest single sculler in a senior or masters women's event in Division 4. This cup, which was previously presented at the old Weybridge Regatta in the 1920s, replaces the Amy Gentry Cup, lost in 2009.

  • The Bonnie Bird Cup: awarded to the fastest single sculler in a junior women's event.

            ENTRY NOTES & RULES


Competitors are encouraged to race in more than one division, but may not race twice in the same event. In Senior events, if possible, more than one tier will be run. If not possible, then the second entry will be rejected.

Note 1 - Senior events: 

You may race in senior events of the same boat type in more than one tier if available, provided the entries are in different divisions. The tier boundaries will be constant across divisions.  Unless you state otherwise, your first choice entry will be placed in the lowest tier for which you are eligible; subsequent choices will be placed in higher tiers.

You must enter Div 4 if you are competing for the Silver Sculls or Houghton trophies

Note 2 - Masters: 

  • Masters categories may be combined and handicapped according to British Rowing rules if insufficient entries are received in any one category. 

  • Masters 'Novice' events, see note above. 

  • Masters entries may be moved to an appropriate Senior category if it is not possible to make a Masters event, unless you state otherwise.


Please advise at time of entry if:

  • you do not want to move and would prefer to race for time only.

  • you do not wish to race if the only option is for time only (in the event that there is no nearby event that you can move to).

Competitors are reminded that boats must display standard identity codes. The requirements are summarised at



River Thames, 3300 metres upstream from Little Weir

The Head is run over four divisions at 9:30, 11:30, 1:30 and 3:30. All events are offered for 'open' and women, and in all divisions:

*Note: senior cups are only awarded in Div 4.

**Note: No athlete may have more than 8 sculling points or have previously won a head or regatta. We rely on your honesty for this please.

            FEES AND PAYMENT

Payment is required by date of close of entries, to be included in the start order.

  • £16 per seat 


Payment by bank transfer or BROE2 (see BROE2 for details). No cheques please.

Bank details for BACS transfer are available in BROE2 under 'event details'.

Cancellation policy:

Our suppliers all now have punitive cancellation policies so we are sorry, if we have to cancel, we will be obliged to retain a portion of entry fees such that we don't make a hefty loss. We are sorry to have to do this.



Must be made via British Rowing Online Entry (BROE2) - sorry, neither email nor telephone entries will be accepted.

BROE2 will open for entries September 5th at midday and close at 12 noon on Thursday October 6th - or when the maximum is reached. We have a maximum entry of 120 per division (Divs 1,2,3 ) and 100 Div 4. We may reduce the size of the division in case of inclement weather. 


Enquiries can be made via email:



  1. If entries are suspended early, then a waiting list will be opened – email with club name, names of crew, and event you wish to enter.

  2. Priority will be given first to crews that can row to and from the event, then to single scullers with boats on cars, and then trailers.​

  3. Refunds will not be given for scratched entries or entries withdrawn after the entry has been accepted (once entries are suspended), unless the event is cancelled

  4. In case of adverse conditions we may be required to reduce the size of the divisions. Please prioritise your entries.

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