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            THE MAKING OF A COX


The Coxswain - pronounced cox’n - is every bit as important to the squad as the rowers themselves, and has as mentally demanding a task as the crew does physically. They are responsible not only for safely steering the boat, but must also give valuable feedback during training, and motivation and tactical advice during races.


Physically, the cox needs to be small in stature; somewhere in the region of 8st 8lb (54kg) for women’s boats and 8st 13lb (57kg) for men’s. Coxes are generally 5’3” (160cm) or shorter. Small is a distinct advantage in this case, and sought after.


Mentally, the cox needs to have a strong, positive and intelligent demeanour. They are required to multi-task constantly, and are ultimately responsible for the safety and wellbeing of both the crew and their boat.

Coxing is an essential part of a rowing squad, and given its own development pathway - WEY To Cox - both for current coxswains and those wishing to become one. 

            WEY TO COX


Coxswains are often in demand for what they can bring to a crew. If not already a rower, we encourage you to learn to row as part of learning to cox. It is important to know what it is like facing in the ‘other direction’. Mistakes are permitted, even expected as part of finding out what works for a crew, and what doesn't.


As master of the vessel and inherent to coxing, WEY places a high degree of responsibility on its coxes. Through your development as a cox, you will discover much about yourself, and about the people you have opportunity to cox. This extends further: the skills you develop in the boat will flow through life off the water also.

As with rowers, development of a good cox is a gradual process and it takes several seasons for the cox to fully come into their own. Successful coxswains are those who continually seek out knowledge of their sport and ways to improve themselves, are self-motivated, open-minded, highly communicative, and are able balance peer feedback with an all-important self-confidence.

            ALREADY A COX?

We would love you to join us! 


We have plenty of opportunities for you to cox and coach our novices and/or to train and race with our adults in regattas and heads from local events to national and international multi-lane racing.  


We value our coxes and take their development seriously. We would also encourage you to row or scull at whatever level for your own enjoyment particularly when the squads are focusing on coxless boats.

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