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Training, personal bests and silverware

Updated: Nov 18, 2019

So here I am, a year into my role as Weybridge club coach and what a year it’s been. Over the course of the winter, it has been pleasing to see rowers come along and work hard to get fitter for the spring/summer regatta season - think of that lovely weather. From the middle of the 2017 regatta season ‘til the present day, we have seen junior rowers put in some more competitive performances at events and in training, with many crews being awarded silverware, beating opposition they had previously fell short of and achieving PBs on club ergos.

Across the junior section, we are looking to develop more established crews and for those wanting to race, you need to make sure you regularly show up. I was delighted the Weybridge Winter Head ran and was encouraged with the performances this year highlighted by a win for the J16.4x- and some stirling junior/senior combinations in the W.8+, W.4+ and the Nov.8+ showing club unity at its finest. A big shout out to the W.J13s, spearheaded by Nick, Clive and Graham, who are rowing up this year and showing the opposition what they are made of. Another mention goes to the J15s who are upping their training and adding sweep to their skillset - thank you Judy, Carl and Ashley for overseeing this.

Although the winter training is not the most exciting time of year, it’s an essential time that will help performances in the summer months. We have an exciting season ahead, fresh from our away camp over Easter. All that’s left to say is, enjoy your rowing, train hard and let’s enjoy the upcoming regatta season.

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