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Out with old, in with the new

Updated: Nov 18, 2019

After 6 years as Captain, I look in pride at Weybridge Rowing Club today. Please support the new Captain, Claudine, as she takes the Club on the next stage of its evolution. I could reminisce for several pages but suffice to say we have a lovely, friendly club with a consistently healthy membership of around 200, with more active oarsmen and women than ever before, where indoor rowing is firmly embedded as a sport in Weybridge, with two local schools now introducing rowing to their pupils through us, plus a structure in both senior and junior squads for coaching and progression, a culture of learning to row and growing from within the Club, a much more up-to-date fleet of boats than 6 years ago, and a now-annual Community Regatta, opening up the sport to a whole new audience among local businesses every summer.

But challenges abound: the onslaught of technology and making the most sensible use of available and continually changing new tools and new communication media, the new General Data Protection Regulations, a local demand for rowing that exceeds our ability to satisfy both in terms of coaching/teaching and facilities to support more members, and last but certainly not least, an ageing clubhouse with a roof that has been given only 5 years to live.

The bumper April (Spring) issue of The Catch-up gives a flavour of the busy last 18 months at Weybridge RC and the exciting times ahead. Please look for ways to get involved: a recent study I came across researched factors that increase longevity, and volunteering has shown to have a more positive impact than exercise in improving your health and wellbeing - so do step forward: not only satisfying and useful but proven to be good for you!

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