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Safety update

Updated: Nov 18, 2019

Graham (left) with John & Caroline Turnbull, Committee Member and Water Safety Adviser (WSA)

There have been no reported incidents for several months involving Weybridge crews; well done everyone and let’s keep it that way. Don’t forget to look over both shoulders, especially as you approach Bottom Cut bridge, the scene of most collision incidents in the past.

I receive monthly Safety Alerts (SA) from British Rowing of general interest to clubs and here are a couple of items of particular relevance to bring to your attention. We are currently in a period of unseasonably high flow and British Rowing reminds us of the dangers inherent in boating in very strong stream conditions. There have been recent incidents (elsewhere) in which boats have capsized having lost control after being caught up in obstructions on the bank. One SA drew attention to the likely consequences if an incident involving danger to life were to occur in such conditions. It warned that those involved would most likely have to answer to the police.

With crews understandably anxious to resume training on the water, this aspect should be borne in mind when making pre-outing risk assessments. A reminder to all crews: we do not boat in EA Red board conditions or when the water level is above the concrete shelf.

A second note is to advise us all that the British Rowing code ‘RowSafe’ will be amended shortly to include a requirement that we must fit backstays to the bow seat of all sculling boats except singles; so doubles, quads and the octo (sweep riggers are already fitted with backstays). We will be reviewing all our boats and fixing this; some of our boats have backstays that may not be fitted, and some we need to purchase. Please make sure if you are in the bow seat that backstays are fitted. This is for your protection in the event of a crash with another boat.

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