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Walton & Weybridge Regatta 2024

Weybridge had a very successful day at the Walton & Weybridge Regatta on Saturday (8th June). The club secured a total of 8 wins 🥇 and had numerous close races, showcasing the exceptional quality and dedication of our rowers. Every crew gave their all, truly demonstrating how the hard work and commitment pays off.

Many thanks to @wandw_regatta for organising the racing and all the volunteers who made it possible!

Here is a list of our winners that will appear on the winners’ board in our clubhouse 🥇🥇🥇:

Open 4 (4 ½ lengths)

WMasC.4x+ (4 ½ lengths)

WJ15.2x (½ length)

Mas FG.4 (Default)

J15.4x+ (2 ½ lengths)

J13.4x+ (3 lengths)

WJ15.4x+ (2 ½ lengths)

WJ16.2x (4 lengths)

The cherry on top was the club was honoured with the ‘Victor Ludorum’ award for accumulating the most points

among all participating clubs 🏆. A special mention goes to the WJ15 2x and J13 4x+ finals, which were both all Weybridge affairs.

Congratulations to all our rowers for their outstanding performances! 👏👏👏

See our photo gallary of the event here:

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