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WEY are a Clubmark club!

Updated: May 22, 2020

With many thanks to Secretary Anne Morris for taking the lead, Weybridge Rowing Club is now awarded its Clubmark re-accreditation.

Many thanks also to the rest of the team for their input and hard work to achieve this accreditation, including Clive Capel, Judy Csiki-Sarsby, Dale Gowland and Rachel Kornberg, and not forgetting the support of our assessor at Active Surrey, Mark Sherwood.

WEY can be proud: our re-accreditation shows us to be a well-run, safe, progressive and friendly club.

Clubmark is the universally acknowledged cross sport accreditation scheme for community sports Clubs.

It stands for:

* Higher standards of welfare, equity, coaching and management in community sports Clubs

* Making sure the nation's sports Club infrastructure is safer, stronger and more successful

It shows that a Club provides the right environment which ensures the welfare of members and encourages everyone to enjoy sport and stay involved throughout their lives.

An accredited Club is recognised as a safe, rewarding and fulfilling place for participants of all ages as well as helping parents and carers know that they're choosing the right Club for their young people.

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