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This event is now well established as one of the fun events of the Club's year. All members of the Club - juniors (including 2pm session improvers), seniors, masters, parents, friends, siblings, schools and Weyfarers are invited.

            WHEN IS IT?


It is traditionally a Saturday in December - this year's festivities will be on the 18th.

            HOW MUCH IS IT?


  • It's FREE to enter

  • We sell the food and drinks and hope to cover the cost of the puddings - which Nick sources - and make a surplus for club funds

  • It's as much about having fun and mixing the whole club - juniors, seniors, masters, supporters, friends, etc. as anything else.

            IS IT POPULAR?


Is it...?! Last year we had 125 replies and about 80 rowers; so many boats new reindeer names had to invented.


It generally starts with a briefing for participants about 9:30am and finishes by 1pm. If you sign up, please do stay for the whole event. It's not just a race, it's a time for the whole club to come together in Christmas attire and enjoy specially laid-on food, hot soup, mulled wine and fun.

            HOW DO I JOIN?


Easy. Just follow this link to let me know whether you are participating, spectating, helping, or even if you can't attend. A few days before the event I will allocate scratch crews into boats using a demon points system which Rachel and I developed a couple of years ago to try to ensure that all boats are as evenly matched as possible. Ideally I'll have mix of male and female, junior and adults in each boat.

            WHAT ELSE HAPPENS?


  • Fab catering from the Breakfast Club team

  • Beagley Award presentation 

  • Junior Captain announcement

  • Best Christmas hat/jumper/whatever award

  • A great buzz around the place

  • Clive running around like a mad thing

  • Bar open

So do sign up here - please submit a new form for each person, whether taking part, helping out or spectating.


The deadline for signing up is Tuesday 14th December - no later please, as there won't be time to organise.

            WHAT BOATS?


We will be using fine quads.

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