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Obituary: John H. Smithers

Updated: Nov 18, 2019

John Smithers who has died aged 84 was not known to the current membership but was much involved with the Club as a young man and was winner of the Spreadbury Cup in 1952.

John Smithers, 1952 Spreadbury Cup winner

John lived in Glencoe Road and joined Weybridge Rowing Club in 1948. There were a number of boys of a similar age who learned to row at that time, progressing from a tub pair to a clinker four and then a clinker eight, all made of wood, of course, and amazingly heavy by today’s standards. They later raced (with better equipment) in the Thames Cup at Henley.

John continued to support the Club after he retired from active rowing, helping with events such as the Silver Sculls. When a new four was needed in the 1960s, which the Club could not afford, he agreed to underwrite part of the cost.

John was last seen at the Club in 2010 when he attended the Spreadbury Dinner.

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