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Clubhouse development: the latest...

Updated: Nov 18, 2019

With Geoff T (top left of photo) as lead on Facilities and Site Development, the Clubhouse Development sub-committee circulated a letter to all members earlier this year to let everyone know the change of direction for the long-discussed potential Clubhouse redevelopment/move.

For very many years, we have considered the primary site for relocation to be the Dorney Gardens/Weybridge riverside site next to Weybridge Tennis Club, land owned by Elmbridge Borough Council. This is not sufficiently actively supported by the Council and we made an approach to Weybridge Vandals Rugby Football Club (‘Vandals’) in Autumn 2017 to explore the possibility of relocating WEY onto their large site which has extensive river frontage around ‘the old River’ section. The approach to Vandals was met with considerable enthusiasm as they too are looking to develop the site to expand the use of the land and facilities. This is now our primary relocation site.

A feasibility study is now underway, joint with Vandals to explore the way the site could be developed with the most appropriate place for the new boathouse. Specifically also the architect conducting the study will look at the likelihood of our getting planning permission and access to river frontage.

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