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President's Piece

Updated: Nov 18, 2019

I learned to row at Marlow RC in 1975, which is where I met my husband John. I joined Weybridge in 1989. I have been an enthusiastic volunteer for the club including Treasurer, Captain and Secretary of the Silver Sculls and Winter Head. I am also a qualified Bronze Level coach and a Coach Educator, which means I run coaching courses for British Rowing, and an Umpire. Back in 2000, John and I founded Weyfarers for people who want to row for fun and fitness rather than competition.

There’s much more to belonging to a club like Weybridge than just turning up for a rowing or training session and then going home again. By volunteering to do things for the club you’ll get to know more people, have more fun, and probably improve your rowing skills at the same time. Volunteering at our events is essential. But there are the little, everyday jobs like tidying up the club room and boathouse, cleaning and adjusting the boats, washing the towels, and looking out for your clubmates, especially the less experienced ones. If you think they need a hand with anything, be there for them.

To paraphrase another, more famous President: “Ask not what your club can do for you, ask what you can do for your club”.

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