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Design your way to a new Club T-shirt

They can because they think they can

In a recent Friday Lunchtime edition of By The Wey, we extended the deadline for members' submissions to the Club T-shirt design competition. It is not long now with just a little over 2 weeks.

Submissions must be received by us, your Kit Design sub-committee, no later than Friday 15 June 2018.

Here, again, is a little design inspiration - no (blatant) copying though of course, please!

And a few rules or guidance when making your submissions:

  • If making a group submission, no group may exceed 4 people. Please include the names of each person within the group so we may properly recognise and credit all contributors.

  • The design should fit in the middle of a T-shirt and not wrap around the side, for example.

  • Obvious perhaps, but your design should incorporate the club name in some way: Weybridge Rowing Club, Weybridge RC, Weybridge Rowing, or even just WEY.

  • The design should be one colour; the T-shirt colour is another. This helps keep the design and the judging simple as well as keeping costs down.

  • We do have the facility to improve image resolution but wherever or however possible, the design should be a high-resolution image to ensure a quality print.

  • So as to not limit entries or imaginations, we can accept designs via non-electronic means: please place your submission in a sealed envelope or postal tube then post to the clubhouse noticeboard or hand-deliver to a member of the Kit Design sub-committee by the deadline - please then e-mail us to say you have done this.

  • A judging panel made up of the Kit Design Sub-Committee (Eva, Maddy, James, Ellie B) and your Club Committee will mull over your designs and make their decision on or around Monday 18 June 2018. The winning design will be announced shortly thereafter.

  • This winning design, then, will be submitted to our selected supplier for production and released as soon as humanly possible.

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