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WEY Know Alzheimer's Is Cruel...

Updated: Jan 7, 2022

WEY know Alzheimer's is cruel, so do our junior boys - who will each row 48 kilometres in 24 hours to raise funds for research...

This Thursday, July 23rd, our J15 boys will row 48 kilometres in 24 hours to raise much-needed funds for Alzheimer's Research UK - the charity chosen by the boys for being close to many of their hearts.

With ergos set out in camping tents in back gardens, the boys will row 2k every hour for the 24 hours - 8pm to 8pm - interspersed by lots of food at their behest and probably not a lot of sleep!

For now - and even afterwards - we would be hugely grateful if you could support them in raising funds to meet this challenge and help make a difference in ending this cruel disease:

Thank you

We will be posting updates, so be sure to follow us...

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1 kommentar

Okänd medlem
21 juli 2020

Great idea boys. Theresa and I both know what Alzheimer’s looks like. I’ve donated.

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