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Final call: Vote your way to new a racing All-In-One

We have the option to redesign the club racing kit to make us more recognisable when racing, especially amongst other clubs with a similar design to our current All-In-One (AIO).

This is not necessarily to replace our current AIO. In fact the two designs or editions can co-exist. A couple key British Rowing rules are that a racing crew must wear the same club kit and that the design cannot hugely deviate from the current in terms of colours.

Use the 'thumbs-up' or 'thumbs-down' image (below) to have your say on the proposed design, illustrated above.

Vote 'Yay!' using this thumbs-up image

Vote 'Nay!' using this thumbs-down image

If you have voted already, your vote has been registered; no need to vote again - thank you

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