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John Shore RIP

Updated: Nov 18, 2019

Renowned rowing photographer and Weybridge RC supporter John Shore passed away this morning (29th January) at Sam Beare Hospice, Woking. John's sons Ian & Neville were juniors at Weybridge in the 1970s during which time John became Social secretary of the Club. He was awarded the Spreadbury Cup in 1975 for his efforts. Via taking his sons to heads and regattas, John became a prominent rowing photographer, contributing countless frames to the rowing press and was picture editor of ARA's Regatta magazine in the 1980s & 90s. We extend our sympathies to his wife Grace and their family, including grandson Henry who is a member of the current junior squad. There is an extremely well-crafted obituary by Chris Dodd on Hear The Boat Sing.

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