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A Tale of Two SUP Boards

If it’s possible to have too much fun, then WEY are leading the way with this SUPer WEY to row! Meet the newest additions to our fleet, photo below: “A SUPer WEY To Row” and “WEY Too Much Fun”...

Two SUP Rowers - "A SUPer WEY To Row" and "WEY Too Much Fun"
Meet "A SUPer WEY To Row" (left) and "WEY Too Much Fun" (right)

Weybridge RC are able to offer to our members who are newer to rowing a way back to our glorious reach of the river Thames - a SUPer stable and socially distant way back - but also, even during these challenging times, to introduce anyone to our wonderful sport; no matter if they have never rowed before.

Take J15 Rafe, who was introduced to indoor rowing this year during a very wet January and, at last, in the last four days, been able to learn to row on the water with us, in this SUPer way - here he is just starting out, videos below...

Rafe is just one of a number of new members to whom we have already offered a tailored Learn To Row course safely, whilst respecting precautions to prevent transmission of this coronavirus (COVID-19).

Why SUP Rowing at Weybridge RC

During the lockdown, the Club Captain and Vice Captains were already thinking about what re-opening might look like when permitted. Believing that rowing in single sculls was likely to be the only safe (and permitted) way to row for some time, we began exploring innovative ways that we might be able get everyone back on the water, especially for those who really didn’t have a chance to become confident or safe in single sculls during the very long, wet and hostile winter season.

Welcome the SUP Rower: SUPer stable, good for teaching correct technique without risk of capsize, and for space-constrained Weybridge RC, the winning strike is that it packs up neatly and can be stored in a cupboard!

We selected the Oar Board® rowing rig from Canada, primarily because it can pack away, but also, uniquely, it can be fitted in tandem on a longer SUP to make a double scull. This will open up options for safe crew boats for the relatively new in future months and years; also good for those who want to start out recreationally, or retire from racing to row recreationally, but want to remain independent in small boats that they can lift themselves. We have bought two standard 12ft inflatable SUPs to get us started.

So starting small, we can already teach beginners in ones and twos. However, we are seeking funding in order to help expand the capability over the Summer. If not already a supporter, you and 42 others can help here just by doing your day-to-day online shopping via easyfundraising - thank you!

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