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BR Medal of Merit winner

At British Rowing's recent annual awards where Weybridge RC Honorary member and Olympian Mat Tarrant was an award presenter, Caroline and John Turnbull were recognised by the presentation of the Medal of Merit, a very high level and special award. The speech by the FISA representative was evidence of the very high regard in which the World Governing Body holds them.

Some members may not realise that Caroline and John founded Weyfarers from within Weybridge Rowing Club, with Greg Gregory-Jones Lyn Cropper and John Burnett, in the early years of this century. They were also heavily involved in junior coaching and in the early days mentored yours truly as well as serving as Captains and Presidents. They are still involved in coaching but also arrange UK and international rowing tours and pretty much everyone in the rowing world knows them, or knows of them. They are priceless and we are lucky to have them to call upon when needed.

Our sincere congratulations to them.

Watch for John and Caroline's presentation of the Medal of Merit (at 33-min) or watch back in full here

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