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Race Report : Quintin Eights Head

Updated: Jun 19, 2020

From your correspondent in the cox's seat. Quintin Head 2020 was run on Saturday 25th January on the flood tide from Hammersmith Bridge to above Chiswick Bridge. Conditions were chilly and overcast with minimal breeze. The landwater negated much of the tide, which made marshalling easy but would mean slower-than-normal times for all crews. Weybridge entered a Masters 'G' crew (average age over 65). Given the recent red boards and consequent lack of practice on the water, if was time to see if all of those ergo sessions were worthwhile. Starting 157, Weybridge started steadily and tracked Tideway Scullers School for the first 10 minutes and there was little to choose between us. The fast-starting crews behind began to drop back. Applying relentless pressure at rate 29, we crucially overtook Putney Town's 'F' crew prior to Barnes Bridge before a very long run into the finish on the slow-moving water. In the end, TSS took 7 seconds off us, with Weybridge in 2nd place at 17mins 2secs, ahead of Mortlake, Derby/Nottingham & Auriol Kensington. Interestingly, 4 of the 5 'G' crews were faster than the younger 'F' crews.

So it's a very pleasing result and a promising start to the year.

Weybridge Mas.G VIII approaching Barnes Bridge - photo by coach Geoff Thomas

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