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Race Report: Veterans Fours Head

Updated: May 22, 2020

We are proud to have the strength and depth in our Weybridge Masters squad to be able to field 6 fully Weybridge crews - 3 Men’s and 3 Women’s - for the prestigious Veterans' Fours Head: Masters C, Masters E and Masters G.

After a tense ‘will they won’t they’ week of watching the weather, five of the crews made it to the start in near perfect conditions. Unfortunately, an injury to the bowsteer of the W.MasC.4- the week before the event proved too hard to replace, being on 'Red boards' and no time to gel.

For some it was their first Tideway race, and for some it is almost an annual tradition; though the first race this season after multiple race cancellations already this autumn. We were all glad to be there and that the race went ahead, with many of us finishing full of resolve for what we can do better next year…

Congrats to all who put themselves out there - and three cheers for our W.MasE.4- bringing home a Weybridge win.


Full provisional results at

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