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Rest in Peace Dave Cox

It is with great sadness that we record the death of Dave Cox, a former Captain and President of the Club at the age of 79, a victim of cancer.

Dave came to the Club in the early 1970s, having previously been a competitive rugby player. He quickly took to rowing and was in a number of winning crews over the next few years. He formed friendships with other club members that continued for the remainder of his life.

He joined the Committee, taking on responsibility for housing for several years and bringing noticeable improvements to the premises. He was awarded the Spreadbury Cup in 1973. Dave was elected Captain in 1979, returning the Club to a respectable level of activity after it had been at a low ebb.

Although he later found time to take up sailing and to get married, he never lost his interest in what was going on at Weybridge Rowing Club. It was fitting that he was elected President in 2015, a responsibility he took seriously. He represented the Club on official occasions and dealt effectively with some difficult issues that arose during his time in office.

Dave was elected an Honorary Life Member when he retired as President.

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