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Starting the transition

Updated: Nov 24, 2019

The original WRCjnr website was set up in 2006 by Chris Jones and Jack Percival, at the time J15 coaches, who dragged us into the 20th Century. They're now an airline pilot and something to do with banking. It's thanks to them we have two yellow coaching launches and the double sculls 'This Wey Up' and 'Other Wey Up'.

The site has served us well but like the original main Weybridge website needs a refresh. Under the guidance of our captain Claudine, I now find my self dragged into the 21st Century!

So we're starting the transition from the old, black website to a whizzy new blue one which will keep the features you know and use but enable some new stuff too. The URL will remain as a direct link to the junior part of the site.

So off we go... see you on the other side!



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