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WEY Got To Race!

Updated: Jan 7, 2022

by Matt Beagley

Over the May Bank Holiday weekend, a number of our juniors, a junior coach and Masters rower laced up their trainers to take part in the Lockdown running Regatta.

The format followed that of a national rowing event with a 2k time trial on Saturday, C/B finals on Sunday and A finals on the Monday. Athletes could team up in “virtual” boats with their team's timed average counting.

With all demonstrating great sportsmanship, each final was made up of:

Op Int 1x Final C

Ashley (15th)

WJ14/15/16 2x Final B

Kez/Grace (7th)

Op 2x Final B

Louis/Tim (9th)

J14/15/16 2x Final B

Zacc/Sam (8th)

J14/15/16 1x Final B

Cullen (8th)

Logan (8th)

Archie (7th)

Op Nov 1x Final A

Coach Matt (4th/4 overall)

J14/15/16 1x Final A

Daniel (6th)

Alex D (3rd) fastest J14 overall*

Nick D (2nd) fastest J15 overall*

WJ14/15/16 2x Final A

Jaz/Holly (5th) fastest WJ15 overall*

Lois/Sophie (2nd)

WJ15/16/18 4+ Final A

Eva/Lola/Niamh/Lydia (2nd) fastest WJ15 overall*

Most athletes either achieved significant PBs on their second run or posted times that they were pleased with.

Weybridge finished 3rd in the men’s, women’s and junior’s Victor Ludorum with a 4th place overall. Well done everyone!

*Certificates are ready below to view and download, with print versions on their way...

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