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The 10 mm x 13 mm Rigger-Jigger is a staple in every rower's kit bag – or should be!


£8.32 each (online purchase), £8.00 each ('offline') 
To reduce or avoid the unavoidable fee applied for the convenience of shopping online, please select 'Manual Payment' at checkout and follow the instructions given there.

10 x 13 Rigger-Jigger

SKU: AK63221
    • Sealey Double End Stubby Ring Spanner Offset 10mm x 13mm Rigger Jigger, Length: 120mm
    • Manufactured From Drop Forged Chrome Vanadium Steel
    • Hardened And Tempered With A Full Polished Mirror Finish
    • Stubby Compact Configuration And 45° Off WallDrive Rings Give Improved Access In Confined Spaces
    • Combines The Most Common Fastener Sizes (10 and 13mm)
    • Essential for Rowers as a Rigger Jigger, Undoes Every Nut in a European Boat - 10mm for Riggers and 13mm for Top Nut
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