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Normally £72.00, these chevron-design AIOs are available for sale or to rent, with more sizes to come.


Please read the note, 'Some wording on renting kit' before placing an order.


If your child has outgrown their WEY AIO, or if you or your child is leaving the club, we can buy it off you for around £30 – we are happy to buy back a WEY AIO that is in excellent condition in any size and either design. Please see the note below: 'Some wording on renting kit'.



  • £5.28 each (online purchase), £5.00 each ('offline'/manual payment) per race (please read 'Some wording on renting kit' before ordering)



  • Pic 1 shows the Men's Large (Tall) – £63.13 online, £62.00 'offline'
  • Pic 2 shows the Women's Small with Royal Caribbean branding  [what's this?] – £63.13 online, £62.00 'offline'


To reduce or avoid the unavoidable fee applied for the convenience of shopping online, please select 'Manual Payment' at checkout and follow the instructions given there. 

Racing All-in-One (chevron)

PriceFrom £5.28
  • This style AIO combines Godfrey's lightweight GS-Luxe and hard-wearing GS-EVO fabrics to offer a great-looking, comfortable and high-performance garment. The AIO contours to the body for a streamlined, anatomical fit; with different cuts engineered for the male and female forms. The GS-Luxe torso has a silky finish and offers enhanced 'wickability' while the GS-EVO shorts offer a thicker, more comfortable fit.

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