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Priced from £14.50 depending on condition – please read on.


The AIO made by Godfrey Sport uses their GS-EVO Lycra to offer fantastic comfort and performance including advanced moisture management, fully breathable and protection against UVA & UVB rays: 

  • Condition of the ML (pic 1) is very good – £20.50 online, £20.00 'offline'
  • Condition of the WL (pic 2) is acceptable – £14.92 online, £14.50 'offline'


The AIO made by Powerhouse:  

  • Condition of the WL (pic 3) is very good – £20.50 online, £20.00 'offline'
  • Condition of the MM (pic 4) is good – £17.97 online, £17.50 'offline'


To reduce or avoid the unavoidable fee applied for the convenience of shopping online, please select 'Manual Payment' at checkout and follow the instructions given there. 

Racing All-in-One (side stripe)

PriceFrom £14.92
  • If your child has outgrown their WEY AIO, or if you or your child is leaving the club, we can buy it off you for around £30 – we are happy to buy back a WEY AIO that is in excellent condition in any size and either design. 


    Please email with details/photos or WhatsApp the 'WEY To Shop' group here – many thanks.

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