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This Saturday, June 22nd, from 12:30 until 4pm

Sign up here by Wednesday
            WHAT IS IT?


Our Summer Rag Regatta & BBQ is an annual event featuring fun races over a very short course on the backwaters at the Club.

We combine the opportunity for all members to invite their friends, families and colleagues to come and see the club and meet the rowing community. That can be helpful when justifying the immortal phrase: "Darling, I'm still down at the rowing club...".

            HOW DO I FIND IT?


Take a look at the map and follow the signs on the day - we look forward to seeing you!

            WHAT CAN I EXPECT?


Fun - with as little rowing as possible!


Drawn up by our Junior Captains, this year's programme of events for juniors and siblings, with prizes, will included:

  • Kayaking tug of war​

  • Paddleboard jousting

  • Backing down race in singles

There's food and drink throughout the afternoon for all to partake whilst watching the madness fun unfold!

The entry fee is £3 per person on the door.

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