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As with the rest of our fleet you can (and must) book the SUP Rowers using the usual - noting also that none of the SUP Rowers should be dismantled for paddleboarding.

For a quick reference PDF version of the information below, please go here.

Eva*, here as a first-time user, demonstrates the ease of setup by 1. Detaching the anchor - placing it somewhere close by, being careful not to lose it to the river!


Both A SUP WEY To Row and WEY Too Much Fun are stored, for now, in the eights bay. Part of the Oar Board rig is already fitted to the board, so as part of your pre-boating checks, pop the board on trestles to check the rig is set straight. If you are boating with a ‘buddy’ you can assemble the SUP Rower on trestles and have help carrying it down using the integrated handles; otherwise use these same handles to carry solo and assemble on the water. The board can drift off easily, so do not leave unattended or without some form of anchor to the pontoon.

*Thanks Eva!

2. Sliding on the sliding section of the Oar Board… 

3. Reattaching the anchor… 

4. Sliding on the footplate and pinning at each side… 

Once on board, you can adjust both the height of your feet using the adjustable straps at the heel and, as needed, the footplate can be moved backwards or forwards, even whilst on the water - just be aware of your river position and surroundings before you make adjustments.

Happy paddling of the rowing variety!

...and the reverse once back :)
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