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A word (or 167) from the Junior Captain

Updated: Nov 18, 2019

Since joining at Weybridge, I have always found the junior section fun and enjoyable with the many opportunities it offers. The atmosphere among us is both friendly and competitive as we support each other at all of the races throughout the season, varying from both the head races in the middle of the Winter to the regattas in the Summer. We also have fun at annual events like the Christmas Pudding races which are a great whole club event. Some of the opportunities I have been lucky to be involved among the junior section, include competing at events like National Schools Regatta and Tideway events like Pairs Head. I have also been fortunate to be coached by former Weybridge member and now full-time GB rower Matthew Tarrant.

We have just returned from our training camp at Soustons in south west France. It was a great experience to row in a different country and make good progression over the week to help us have a successful regatta season.

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