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Looking back on 2017

Updated: Nov 18, 2019

The junior section at Weybridge RC seems to have grown exponentially in 2017. We can now field a WJ15 Eight (indeed with quads left over) and we also run a WJ13 Octo, which is pretty unusual for a club (this being more of a school boat). The WJ13 squad in particular are thrilled to be a crew and we've had to enter them in WJ14 events to let them participate in events; they have not let us down and have beaten several crews in the year above them.

Whilst the WJ13s and 15s have the largest overall numbers, we cannot forget that we can also muster quads in all other age groups, albeit we might need to mix-and-match a bit. The WJ14s in their first competitive outing managed to beat two crews from local school Sir William Perkins.

We're getting plenty of training both on-land and on-water, thanks in no small measure to Carl and Ashley who are taking the WJ15 Eight and Matt who is looking after the J15/16 boys and older girls. Nick, Graham and I are working on the beginner boats on the basis that if we give them a good grounding in the basics it will stand them in good stead for the future - when the going gets really tough! Lots of low rate, firm pieces to control the slide. I'd also like to say I’m pleased and grateful to be working with Brendan and Amy from Jubilee High School who are supporting us as part of their Level 2 training in rowing. Our large junior section takes a fair amount of looking-after. Our three-session Thursday evenings are working out well and Kay's Pilates classes are very much enjoyed; so nice to have someone able to introduce something a bit different that the youngsters enjoy.

The juniors were very lucky to have an evening session with some of the GB rowing team who talked to them about what they do and how they survive the rigours of training. Sleep - and plenty of it - was a recurring theme along with huge and regular meals, and a drive and dogged determination to succeed. We had almost a 100% junior attendance that Thursday!

The juniors (and a few adult members) have just returned from their training camp in Soustons, South West France. Nick and I took boats there and we think we accomplished in one week what would have taken seven weeks of normal sessions at home.

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