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Visiting Member’s Diary: a Sydney-sider’s Summer at Weybridge

Updated: Nov 18, 2019

Lindy picking up more wins and medals at Maidenhead Regatta

In 2017, I rented out my Sydney home and packed up for a four-month rowing adventure. First stop was Weybridge where I was warmly welcomed by Rachel and the Masters ladies who had vacant seats in boats waiting for me. Hot off a summer of racing in Australia, I first tackled the British Masters Champs and in a moment of insanity raced the single. Everyone at home warned me that Nottingham is notoriously horrible and it lived up to that reputation. But 240 strokes of good luck saw me win my race - I was on the results board!

Weybridge became my rowing base for the summer with short trips to Europe including a 10km Midnight Sun Run above the Arctic Circle, Lucerne World Cup (to watch the young guns and drink beer with rowing tragics), the Rally of Rowing epic week along Canal du Midi, and finally FISA World Masters in Bled.

Back at Weybridge, I got involved in the Community Regatta and extended my coaching knowledge. This was a great experience and interesting to see how well the program is run. Regatta day was fabulous fun even though I lost my voice after coxing seven races.

Training at Weybridge is a joy: you are lucky to have protected waterways compared to some wild, windy weather we get on Sydney Harbour, and no sharks to think about. I enjoyed rowing with different crews, learning from each other, always seeking that elusive perfect balance and run. I had some good hard racing at Molesey and Maidenhead regattas and was lucky to come home with a few more medals and a pot.

Thanks to everyone for making me feel welcome, you have a very friendly, homely club and I hope to be back again. I would also love to welcome anyone to my club - Drummoyne RC on Iron Cove, for a row anytime.

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