Total body. Total mind. Totally run by volunteers.


Possunt qui posse videntur: The inscription on our crest, loosely meaning, "We can because we think we can" represents all we are about. We believe. We do. We row. We race. WEY are always pulling together in some way.


Whether learning to row from young to when 'age is just a number' or making a comeback, we row through the years until... until... We celebrate the big and the small. We row through often calm waters, sometimes rough, and sometimes some rough times.


Rowing isn't just a sport, it's a way of life, 
backed by the sciences as well as the arts

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WEYBRIDGE ROWING CLUB :: THAMES LOCK, JESSAMY ROAD, WEYBRIDGE, SURREY KT13 8LG :: info@weybridgerowing.club :: 01932 842993

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